Best Friends

Best Friends

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year... 2012

The holidays are almost over, and with that brings a new year! It has been a difficult year, but I made it thru... positive attitude and remembering the important things, and most of all some amazing friends to lift me up when I fell!
2011 started with me losing my job. That cut our family income in half... ouch! I got a new job not long after, but once they hired me they demoted me the next day due to my background check... down to cashier status and pay. My health sucked, and got to it's worst point a few weeks into that new job, and I had to leave. Being a stay at home wife is not something I am used to, and it drove me insane for the most part! Struggling with my health and not being able to do anything made me feel rather worthless. But I have an amazing husband who supported me thru it all. Thanx to my dear friend Holly, I was able to pick up a little part time work during the summer that got me out of the house and brought in a little money- mostly just gave me something to do. There were times I didn't feel well enough to go riding, which was a real bummer for me, but over all I managed to keep my health problems under control. The year saw many sad moments- friends passing away, losing my grandmother, the funerals we attended with PGR, trying times with Troy (including a short separation)... but also there were happy times- rides with friends, new life coming into the world, and just this week- the best wedding ever! Its always wonderful to see young love starting a life together!
2012 promises to be a much better year! We are leaving Salt Lake City for good! We will be moving south to a warmer climate! With this move brings new beginnings for us! I feel it will improve my physical health being in a warmer place, and also will turn my emotional health around! I am planning to get a job once we move, and return to the person I once was! Happy and outgoing! I will miss a lot about Salt Lake- but the need to be removed from the weather, the memories, the people... that outweighs the things I will miss... friends are a phone call away, and really- only a few hours if we want to come back for a visit.
So my dream of moving south and having palm trees to look at every day, and a Joshua tree in my yard will be coming true finally! I know Troy is still hesitant, but he is amazing! He wants me to be happy, and he finally realized this year how truly unhappy I am here, and he is willing to make these major life changes to keep me happy, and keep us together! This move means he will leave his job that he has top seniority at, and has been with for years, and I can't thank him enough for that sacrifice. A lot of changes in 2012, and I'm sure a lot of wonderful memories will be made!

Monday, December 19, 2011


So much going thru my mind recently, I don't even know what I am about to post! How about a quick summary of the past couple weeks and see where that leads me...
My daughter turned 20 this month... wow! Very hard for me as a mom to deal with 20. No longer a teenager- really? Now what? Kayla is an incredible young lady, and I am so very proud of her. Although there is a lot of heartache around her right now, she is being so strong and getting thru it. She is always so happy and full of such amazing positive energy!
The day after her birthday, Troy and I started our move- no, not the big move, just across the street to a smaller apartment to save a bit FOR the big move! Kayla spent a week with us helping, she had friends come help us out- which saved us cuz Troy threw his back out first thing he moved and had to be flat on his back for three days! This move represents a lot for me~ sounds silly, but it really does. We downsized, to a smaller place. Kayla still has a room when she come to visit or wants to move back with us again, but no room for friends or visitors. We save enough money by making this change- to help us with our big move later in the year, which is my ultimate goal right now in everything I do... preparing for that move. Which I will get into more later.
My birthday was this past week, and I had a party at the club. FUN night! Friends I hadn't seen in a long time showed up, a bunch from high school were there, and a few from the days when I was going out three or four times a week~ awesome time! And just a quick thought on the party thing that has been irritating me... I send an invite out to a lot of people, expecting maybe have the RSVP's I actually got! So I make a reservation for about that many people, and expect to see certain people who had RSVPed. Why the hell do people say they are going to be at a party and don't show up? Not even a phone call or text? I did have a couple people tell me last minute that they couldn't make it, but the rest- what is wrong with people? Very annoying, and actually- RUDE! I would rather have people not RSVP, and show up unexpectedly... which actually a few did! Anyway... I had an incredible birthday party with the friends who showed up!
On my birthday, we had the chance to drive down and visit with Tiffany and baby G... They live in Tennessee, and I am so close to the family, I just had to see them while she was here and meet that amazing boy she has adopted. It was looking like we would not get the chance to visit- but we all altered our timelines a little and were able to spend about an hour together... a wonderful hour! I value my time with all of the Gold Star families I know, and especially the Wagstaffs.
in two days I will be celebrating a huge milestone! Troy and I will have our 4 year anniversary! I am so happy that he came back into my life! But more than that, I am happy that I gave him a chance, that I gave me a chance. I had completely given up on relationships, marriage, happiness (yes, the WPFS)... I was done with men when we found each other. I have had 4 failed marriages... none of which lasted nearly this long! 4 years is huge for me! And the awesome thing is, I am happier today than the day I met him! He is helping me be the person I want to be, he is helping me make my dreams come true! I am so blessed to have Troy, and Kayla, and the amazing friends I have... the people who motivate and inspire me to keep going. I have friends (or maybe acquaintances) who bring negative energy into my world, but I have so much positive energy and positive people surrounding me that I am able to push that negativity out of my mind and focus on my happiness and my future!
Today I witnessed the most wonderful thing... and it reminded me that there is still hope for a loving world and happy lives. A friend came home on leave this morning, his mom, girlfriend, and a couple of us friends were all there... everyone but his girlfriend understood why we all came to welcome him and had cameras in hand... as he came to the bottom of the escalator, after hugging her, he got on his knee, pulled a ring out of his pocket, and proposed. Such a beautiful and happy thing to witness! I wish them the best of everything in their life together! An amazing couple who are young, but so in love and ready to take on the future!
Happy Holidays to all my friends... whether it is Hanukkah, Yule, or Christmas or Kwanza that you celebrate... I hope you all have a safe and happy one!