Best Friends

Best Friends

Saturday, September 5, 2009

my heros... God and Troy

As you can see, it has been a couple months since I last posted. I had a small stroke the end of May... it put me out of work and pretty much out of everything for a while! I could barely get out of bed at times! I was unable to use the computer~ it affected my hands and also my eyes were so bothered by the monitor (and still are, just not as bad~ I limit my time)! During the first couple weeks I was in and out of the hospital a number of times, Troy missed work to take me to doctors and to just make sure I was ok. I realized one day that my life could end at anytime! I also was reminded that I am lucky to be as healthy as I am... I am able to work, able to help support my family, able to do things for myself! I became terrified during this ordeal that I could end up having to quit my job, stay at home, lose my ability to drive (therefore losing any independence I have!). That just was not an option to me! I pushed myself to get better, I slowly got back to where I could work 40 hours a week.
All of this was only possible because of my faith in God and all the praying I did, and thanx to my wonderful Troy for being there for me, believing in me and supporting me.
I am happy to say, now three months later I am almost 100% better! I still have small lingering affects of the stroke, but for the most part they don't really effect my day to day life. I trust that God will protect me from harm... unless it is meant to be, and I trust my husband to always watch out for me.
It has been a wonderful summer, and a full summer! I will soon add posts and pictures of rides and other things from our summer. A lot of time was spent with my daughter Kayla, a lot spent at work, and as much as possible with friends! All of whom have been a great blessing to me, as well as to Troy. Everyone was so helpful and supportive through my recovery, and continued to keep my spirits high. I thank you all! I love you and God Bless!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I must admit, years ago when I was told my daughter had learning disabilities and would never be like all the other girls when she grew up - I was scared. On the outside I was strong and refused to accept that. I was determined to make her feel and seem as normal as everyone else, and as long as we encouraged her and supported her, I didn't want to believe the things the experts told me, but inside, I was terrified. Well, today Kayla is 17 years old, doing quite well considering how the odds were stacked against her. Kayla will be graduating high school with all the other kids her age next year, she has completed two years of Air Force Jr ROTC, and has won a number of awards in that program! I am so very proud of my daughter and the fight that she has in her! Although her school is doing away with the ROTC program after this year, just the two years she had changed her life so much, and I am so glad she was given the opportunity to be a part of it. Kayla is my world. I made many mistakes with her, but I thank God for her dad and stepmom, and especially for her grandmother. they were there for her, and me, when I wasn't able to be... whether that inability was due to my mental absence, my working two jobs and going to school, or my actual physical absence from my family. I am pleased to have my daughter back in my life and so happy that she is doing so well, I just needed to share this with whoever is reading.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Goals Set and Goals Reached

A little over two years ago I was forced to start my life over. I really did start from scratch, I had nothing... noplace to really call home, no job, and very minimal belongings. I could have dwelt on all that negativity and not gone anywhere, or I could set some goals and get back on my feet! Being the person I am, I chose to go forward and succeed! A couple very dear friends gave me a temporary place to call home, I searched for work, and didn't give up until I was working. I set goals for myself and for my life, and when I reached one of the very small goals, I set a new one, a little bigger. It has now been two years, And I have just reached a very big goal... I got a huge promotion at work that finally makes me feel I will be with this company for a veery long time. Time to set some more goals... reasonable goals and some that will force me to work hard for them. But this last week has proven to me that I can do anything I set out to do... and that is the most wonderful feeling ever! With all the things I felt were against me, keeping me from succeeding... I was able to overcome the odds. And now I know I can reach whatever goals I set for myself... and so can anyone else! Positive attitude and the heart and motivation to do it! Never saying "I will try..." always saying "I will." Just do it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Love and Freedom?

So I am new to this blog thing, but it seems like such a cool way to keep friends and family... and myself, posted on what is going on in our busy lives. So you may ask why the title... Let me give a little background for those of you who don't already know...

Troy and I met in high school. Friends, nothing more. After 20+ years of bumping into each other here and there, something finally clicked! LOVE! We had both been searching in all the wrong places for love, and in the last place either of us expected it... we found it in each other. A dozen years since the last time we saw each other, we suddenly became one.

It's amazing the freedom you feel when you finally know you have found that part of your life that has been missing for so many years, and you know, without a doubt in your mind, that you will never be alone again.
Both of us are happier than we have ever been, and that love and happiness just grows every day. Life is full of challenges, and I now have someone to face those with.

There is also the amazing, feeling of freedom we get when riding on the Harley! I am looking forward to being able to post pictures and stories of the rides we go on, and places we visit.

God bless.